A 15-year old boy has been left hospitalised after a four-day "Modern Warfare 3 marathon" left him severely dehydrated.

Tyler Rigby, from Columbus, Ohio, collapsed after the mammoth four-day session, where he only left his room to eat a snack or use the bathroom.

"It's like he was looking at me but he wasn't there. It was like he was looking through me," Tyler's aunt Jennifer Thompson told TV station WCMH (via CBS).

"We were talking and I heard a thump and I looked over and he just fell.

"I was very scared. I thought he was going to die," she continued. "He just fell over three times."

Let's hope Tyler made the most of it.

"The Xbox is gone," she added.

The role of parental responsibility has made the headlines numerous times in recent weeks following new UK legislation that made PEGI age ratings legally enforceable.

UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist told VideoGamer.com that ensuring children are playing games appropriately is a "joint responsibility".

"It's a multi-prong approach that we have to take," she said, "and we all have a responsibility to make sure children and parents are having conversations about what they're doing in digital environments and what games they're playing.

"In the same way that you wouldn't let your kid cross the road without telling them how to cross the road, equally it's the industry's responsibility, which we've done with PEGI age ratings and all the other safety measures and parental controls, and it's the responsibility of retailers.

"It's a joint responsibility, but ultimately what we want to do is make sure that parents are understanding games more clearly."