Team Sonic Racing has received a fresh trailer shining the spotlight on the customisation options available in the spiky speedster's upcoming racer. 

You'll be able to tinker with a range of features for your chosen motor, such as custom paint jobs, horns, and mod pods. It's pretty standard stuff, although there's a ton of options available to dip into. Furthermore, spending in-game credits can earn you new front and rear car parts, plus fresh wheels, which in turn will buff attributes for your vehicle such as speed and handling.

Sega's also pumped out a new trailer highlighting another of Team Sonic Racing's stage tracks, this time the theme for the Bingo Party level. This particular tune was composed by Sonic music maestro Jun Senoue and Japanese electronic wizard TORIENA. 

Team Sonic Racing is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on May 21. There's also a new Sonic game in development, although it's still early days yet.



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