It appears that Take-Two are very serious about sports Videogames. After having a lot of success co-publishing the ESPN series with Sega, the company's recently released annual report reveals that they have the option to purchase Visual Concepts and its subsidiary Kush.

The report reads: "Pursuant to an option agreement with SEGA, we have the right to purchase all of the outstanding capital stock of Visual Concepts and Kush. The option is exercisable until the earlier of (1) March 31, 2006 or (2) the termination of our distribution agreement with SEGA. We are currently negotiating the option price, and we are continuing to evaluate potential opportunities in the market for sports titles."

This would signify just how serious the company is about sports videogames, and with the recent purchase of Indie Built giving them the Amped, Top Spin and Links franchises, they would be a serious force to be reckoned with.

If that wasn't enough, the British development company Venom, responsible for Rocky Legends, has also been snapped up by Take-Two. They have certainly been busy.

We'll bring you more news on the possible Visual Concepts purchase as it happens.

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