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Ben Borthwick by on Sep 7, 2020

System Shock remake shows off Cyberspace and dismemberment in new videos

Nightdive Studios has released a new pair of videos showing off its upcoming remake of System Shock, one showing off the updated version of the game's Cyberspace as well as talking about its new dismemberment system.

The videos, which you can see below – show off the neon-lit virtual reality of Cyberspace you'll enter as you attempt to hack into the digital realm that evil supercomputer SHODAN calls home, with a literal glow-up to the original 1994 version of the space complete with a pulsing electronica soundtrack. 

The second video shows off some of the grimness back in the "real world" as it shows off how the game's enemies on the space station itself are now subject to a new Dismemberment system, allowing you to see the gory details of the mutants and robots that patrol the coridoors of the spooky sattelite you must contend with to survive when you blast or otherwise chop them up using your weapons.

It's good to be seeing more from the System Shock remake, with not a lot on the Kickstarter-funded project after it had seemingly gone on hiatus before resuming proudction not long after. It finally showed up again back in May with the release of a demo on the PC.

Check out both new videos for yourself below. System Shock still doesn't have a firm release date outside of that 2020 window as yet, but it'll release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC when it does. 




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