Nightdive Studios has released another demo for System Shock Remastered, and promises that “much more” is on the way for next month (via GameSpot).

Intended to be a replication of the dark and claustrophobic horror of the 1994 original, with the same story and experience, System Shock Remastered has had a time of it. In 2015, Nightdive Studios announced the remaster, and gained more than $1.35 million in funding from about 21,600 backers from its Kickstarter. Then, the game was transferred from Unity to Unreal Engine 4 to “reboot” System Shock with  “modern design principles” to adapt it for modern audiences. Yet, in 2018, development of System Shock was shelved because the team had “strayed from the core concepts of the original title” and required funding to achieve their real vision. 

Of course, development has restarted, and the developer has started developing an enhanced edition of System Shock 2. Those who want to get their mitts on the project are able to download the latest demo of System Shock Remastered, which lets the player test out all of the game’s unlockable weapons within the Medical Bay. Additionally, Nightdive Studios revealed that there is “much more System Shock news coming in June,” which may coincide with a certain big event for a new console. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.

System Shock Remastered is in development for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and will release in 2020.

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