by on Feb 3, 2006

Syphon Filter on PSP this summer

Dark Mirror has been tailor made for the PSP allowing it to take advantage of the handheld’s processing power to produce a great looking game, together with enhanced AI that will give rise to new gameplay experiences. Logan must infiltrate a series of locations around the world, and is aided by a host of high-tech weapons and gadgetry, including a range of vision enhancing goggles.

The game will contain 23 single-player missions and five multiplayer maps. In multiplayer modes players will be able to create an agent, with the highest ranking players able to play as Logan or the enemy commander, both of whom have access to unique weapons. There will also be a bonus mission that finally clarifies the ending of Omega Strain.


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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

on PlayStation 2, PSP

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror takes the series back to its roots staring…

Release Date:

02 November 2007