Rising Star Games has announced that it is releasing Swords of Destiny in Europe this June on the PlayStation 2. The game is a third-person hack-and-slash action adventure featuring great visuals and a diverse set of locations, ranging from mountain passes to ruined fortresses.

Taking the role of Lei Yun, a talented apprentice, players must battle their way through level after level of demonic enemies, attempting to put an end to the dark forces that are taking over Lei's land. The game utilizes an intuitive lock-on combat system and includes fully localised voice acting (It isn't clear if the original Japanese voices are to be included alongside the newly recorded English voice work).

The game, which is developed by Artoon, is being released in Japan under the same name by Marvelous Interactive. If your Japanese is better than mine you might find the games official website of some interest. It contains information on all the characters and a trailer.

We'll bring you more on the game in the coming months.

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