Super Stardust Portable makes its way onto PS Plus

Super Stardust Portable makes its way onto PS Plus
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Super Stardust Portable, the spacefaring shoot-’em-up from developer Housemarque, has quietly made its way onto PlayStation Plus.

The premium tier of the new PlayStation Plus offers a catalogue of classic games, from consoles as far back as the PlayStation. It also offers PSP games. The new service launched today in Europe, and the only PSP game listed under the PSP category is the wonderful Echochrome.

However, Super Stardust Portable is also on the service. You just have to manually search for the game to find it. This isn’t ideal, and the new service, while very cool, does need organising in a better way.

Super Stardust Portable was a PSP version of Super Stardust HD, for the PlayStation 3. In VideoGamer’s review of that game, Will Freeman said:

“Graphically, as PSN games go, Super Stardust HD is superb, and it nicely combines the neon glow of Geometry Wars with the detailed retro pixel work of the first Stardust. The difficulty level is spot on, providing a challenge without causing a headache, and on the whole this well considered roaming shooter is another highly playable addition to the PSN family. At only £4.99 it’s also a bit of a bargain.”

In other PlayStation Plus news, Sony has said that many PS1 games will soon have a 60Hz refresh rate. Several of the PS1 games that are currently on the service are the PAL versions. That means that they run in the slower 50Hz. The reason that Sony opted for those version was because of their superior localisation and language options.