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Josh Wise by on Jun 23, 2022

PlayStation Plus offers 50Hz PS1 games, but 60Hz is coming

The new PlayStation Plus has launched in Europe, and several PS1 are the 50Hz PAL versions, but Sony says that 60Hz versions are on the way.

Games run more slowly in at a 50Hz refresh rate. But the reason that Sony opted for those version was down to their better localisation and language options. The NTSC-region versions run in 60Hz, which is faster. We already knew about this issue, as the new service rolled out in other regions weeks ago. (Nintendo had the same issue with the Switch’s SNES emulation. The solution? It offered both PAL and NTSC version of its older games.)

Sony has tweeted about the situation, saying:

“We’re planning to roll out NTSC options for a majority of classic games offered on the PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe plan in Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand regions.”

There isn’t a timeframe yet on when Sony will be offering the 60Hz NTSC version of its games. But it’s worth noting that several of the PS1 games currently on the service are in 60Hz. I spent an hour playing Syphon Filter this morning, and it ran brilliantly. The rewind and save-anywhere features are excellent.


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