Super Mario Odyssey was the cherry on the cake for Nintendo in their Direct showcase yesterday evening, with Nintendo ending the event with a seven minute showreel of gameplay footage, as well as unveiling an in-game photo mode called Snapshot mode.

In Snapshot mode players can pause the game at any moment, move the camera anywhere and take screenshots before applying a number of different filters and image effects. These images can be shared on social media, and also used as phone or computer wallpapers. It’s probably going to be pretty popular, and the onslaught of nipple-focused Mario images during the showing was just the nip, I mean tip of the iceberg.

Nintendo also announced a new trio of amiibo for the game, with a wedding theme to their design, because obviously Bowser is trying to marry Princess Peach… again. These amiibo can be used to give players hints, but unlike in Metroid: Samus Returns, amiibo aren’t a required purchase to unlock everything in the game. A disclaimer played during this part of the reveal letting players know that game can be fully completed without forking out extra for amiibo, which is a good thing. Players who don’t want to buy an amiibo can use in-game currency to unlock hints and tips, or forego them completely if they so wish. Thank the Gods.

At the end of the presentation Nintendo also revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will be getting its own Switch console bundle, which will include a download code for the game and some pretty snazzy looking Mario-themed red Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo is also going to be selling a Mario-themed Switch carrying case and screen protector bundle that’ll help protect your precious console from scratches and dings when carrying it around, and let everyone know you like Mario, or something like that.

Super Mario Odyssey lands exclusively on Nintendo Switch on 27th October, the same date the Odyssey-themed Nintendo Switch will hit stores.

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