Updated, 16:30, October 11: Nintendo has made a shortened version of the 'Jump Up, Super Star! song from the trailer available to download for free.

All you need to do is go to the Super Mario website, click on the ‘download for free’ icon and it’ll automagically start downloading the audio file to your computer. Wahoo!

Original story 11:02am, October 11, 2017: Nintendo is getting very excited about the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey (aren’t we all?), and it’s celebrating in the only way it knows how: by releasing a new live-action musical trailer for the upcoming game. In the two minute video we get to see an ever so creepy CGI Mario strut his stuff, possess a human and a dog, and gleefully stomp on some American-style taxis. We even get to see Pauline (the singer) as an actual human.

The trailer is set in the fictional (definitely not New York) New Donk City, and features a troupe of smartly-dressed dancers moving and grooving to the same Jump Up, Super Star! song that’s been in many of the game’s other trailers so far. Mario even joins in with them, showcasing his dance moves and demonstrating the new Capture mechanic where his hat has possessive capabilities.

There’s an air of fun and joy throughout the whole trailer, and part of me can’t help thinking that I’d like to see a dance off between Mario and the Guardians in the Destiny 2 Freestyle Playground trailer. It’d all be fun and games until Mario gets annoyed, lobs Cappy at a Guardian, and sends them back into orbit. He’d probably nick the poor buggers engrams too.

Anyway, it’s rather heartwarming to have a bit of dancing, singing and all that stuff. Makes a change from blowing things up, broken cups, and Orcs that won’t let things go. Even if seeing Mario in the real-world is a little creepy.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 27.

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