Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaker has good news for angry fans

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaker has good news for angry fans
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It’s been a torrid week for upcoming superhero video games. Sony and Insomniac have been absolutely ravaged by a ransomware group releasing internal material online, meanwhile, the plot to Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has leaked all over the internet, too. In regard to the latter, the uproar is similar to the controversy following leaks for The Last of Us Part 2 before it launched in 2020. Lots of fans have expressed their anger and dismay at the Rocksteady leaks, but a Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaker offers good news for those who are furious.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League was first revealed in 2020, and it was set to come out in May 2023 before getting delayed to its now imminent release date, February 2nd, 2024. The game has been marred in controversy with fans divided over how it looks. Some think it looks great and lots of fun, whereas others are worried that it looks like another forgettable games-as-a-service title that won’t come anywhere near living up to the quality of the Batman Arkham games that made Rocksteady so renowned.

Another more recent point of contention has been the plot leaks online. Many fans are absolutely raging over leaked story developments, but leakers are warning that not everything is as it seems.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaker has good news for angry fans

Lots of gamers online have expressed relentless anger over story leaks for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. We won’t explicitly state the contents of the leak to avoid spoilers, but the backlash and fury are equal to when fans found out what happened to Joel in The Last of Us Part 2. There have been complaints that it ruins the Arkham series’ legacy, and these fans have sworn to boycott the game.

Whether the fury over leaked audio is understandable or not, leakers are saying it’s completely taken out of context. Prominent Marvel’s Avengers leaker, Miller Ross, has explained on Twitter that the supposed story spoilers are ‘blatantly misleading, were presented maliciously, and how the conclusions one naturally draws from them are incorrect’. The original leaker of the controversial audio has also provided a clarification.

Reddit user HappytrollSFM has posted a comment in the gamingleaksandrumors subreddit on behalf of the original leaker who does not have a Reddit account. It says “I can confirm pretty much everything Miller is saying about the leak being misleading is correct”. The response offers the following explanation:

“The leak is based entirely off of story cutscenes which I found in the game files. At the time my method of finding these cutscenes was awful, so the ones I was listening to were incomplete or out of context. Furthermore, I skimmed through these cutscenes and didn’t pay close attention. I then recited it the next day in a private discord server which is why I put so little effort into the summary.

“Additionally, since the leak was based only off cutscenes from the main story, it is missing stuff that happens in the post game season 0 content as well as the upcoming dlc seasons. Since writing this leak I have found out something major which happens in one of the post game story content which completely recontextualises the entire story of the game”.

The Reddit comment explicitly debunks the leak that has upset fans the most, and you can check out the full comment if you don’t mind spoilers. The important thing is that the leak that resulted in lots of hostility online is reportedly misleading. It’s absolutely horrid that there’s so much negativity towards the game prior to launch because of leaked material, and hopefully, fans and gamers will give it a fair chance come launch.

But, even away from story spoilers, fans are understandably concerned about the gameplay and live service structure. Many gamers are pessimistic about microtransactions and post-launch seasons, and there is a feeling online that the game will be another disaster like Marvel’s Avengers. Whether that ends up happening is yet to be seen, but the game and developers don’t deserve the vitriol it has received over leaks that even the leakers admit have created a false narrative.