Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League leaker defends game against negative previews

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League leaker defends game against negative previews
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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is finally set to come out. The release is just a few weeks away and previews have arrived. Unfortunately for Rocksteady and Warner Bros., some of the previews are not entirely favorable to the game’s direction. There are complaints about gameplay, the open world, and a myriad of other features, but a prominent Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League leaker has defended the game in rebuttal to all the complaints.

Although it comes out in February, you can play Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League at the end of January if you opt for early access. It stars Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark as playable characters in an open-world Metropolis that fully supports four-player co-op. As per its tagline, your goal as The Suicide Squad is to kill The Justice League who are under the control of Brainiac.

Rocksteady are beloved and renowned for their Batman Arkham trilogy, but Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has been controversial for the past couple of years. Many fans are against the live service model and the requirement of an online connection to play at launch, but a prominent leaker for the game has fiercely defended it while simultaneously leaking lots of exciting content for the future.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League negative previews

Some of the previews for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League are negative. Arguably the most scathing of them all is IGN who ‘played it and didn’t like it‘. Their preview praises the voice acting performances and cut-scenes but isn’t overly fond of the story. It also criticizes the game mechanics straight out of Destiny, Anthem, and Marvel’s Avengers.

In addition to IGN, Eurogamer has also posted a mixed preview. Their headline says the game’s direction ‘sees Rocksteady’s trademark world-building held-back by trend-chasing‘. The preview criticizes the open-world of Metropolis against the recently fresh-in-memory New York of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, they do say that the combat is scrappy fun and that the narrative is where the game excels. Unfortunately, though, the Arkham-verse lineage and characterful storytelling are all in jeopardy of the online shooter with live-service elements trend-chasing.

Gamespot was also more negative than mixed alongside IGN. They criticize the gameplay and structure of missions. They feel that the game is pretty generic as it is full of ‘open-world missions where characters bark at you over the radio about how enemies are attacking point A or point B over and over’. Game Informer echoes the same sentiment saying that, although the narrative reasons are varied, many of the missions simply ‘boil down to going to an area and defeating all the enemies or defending a location against hordes of aliens’.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League leaker defends the game

In a rebuttal to some of the negative sentiment online, leaker Miller Ross has defended the game through several posts and replies on Twitter. They also argue that alpha players should be freed of their NDA so they can speak more glowingly about the game in comparison to journalist previews. They also defended criticisms of gameplay footage online showing a horribly messy HUD saying it can all be turned off.

While defending the game and speaking positively about it in replies, they also leaked exciting content for future seasons. In response to a query asking when the game will become a must-buy, they say season 3 will take players back to Gotham City. It will reportedly include lots of Arkham nostalgia with cameos, and all of this will be followed up by Deathstroke in Season 4.

In addition to Miller Ross, some of the sentiments from content creators are more positive than previews from journalists. For instance, YouTuber Caboose says it ‘has some incredibly satisfying gunplay and wildly fun traversal’ while also looking and performing beautifully.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League launches on January 30th for early access with the full release on February 2nd. Final reviews could paint a different picture, but right now overall impressions are mixed at best. We hope the game will be a success because of Rocksteady and everyone else personally involved with the game. However, fans are understandably worried about the live-service elements as well as the fact you need to be online to play until a future post-launch patch that hasn’t been given a specific date.