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Stray is delayed into 2022 but is now also coming to PlayStation 4

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Lost cat adventure Stray has been delayed into 2022 but will now also be coming to PlayStation 4, developer BlueTwelve Studio has announced.

During last night’s Annapurna Showcase, developer BlueTwelve Studio showed off some new footage from the title and gave us more insight into the robot-populated world. You won’t be alone on your feline journey, as you’ll soon team up with a drone companion named B-12. B-12 can interact with technology in the world and communicate with the robot denizens of the city. Pretty helpful because, you know, you’re a cat.

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Together, you’ll uncover the secrets behind the robotic community, while also taking on enemies like the Zurks. While small, these Zurks are large in number and it seems can quickly overwhelm you if you’re not careful. You’ll spend the early game avoiding them using your cat-like reflexes and agility. However, later you’ll be able to turn the tables once you get some upgrades care of your drone companion. Alternatively, you can always run them down on a trolley filled with trash.

There’s plenty more to see in the four-and-half minute gameplay trailer, which you can see below. Stray was originally meant to launch in 2021, but will now be coming in early 2022 as, according to the developer, “we don’t want to compromise on quality, nor the team’s well-being”. However, the team do promise to show off more of the game closer to release.

Stray is currently in development, and will launch in ‘Early 2022’ on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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19 July 2022