State of Mind bags a summer release window

State of Mind bags a summer release window
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State of Mind, the science-fiction thriller from Daedalic Entertainment, will launch on PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in August.

The game features a pretty unqiue aestheitc, combining highly detailed and futuristic environments with low-polygon character models. State of Mind takes place in Berlin in the year 2048, where the world is in a bit of a state (isn't it always? Seriously, how about a pretend future that doesn't suck?); polution is rampant, robots have replaced humans in various tasks, and everything is interconnected.

Enter journalist Richard Nolan (that's you), who is one of the few in his profession who has spoken out about how things are going in the city. What follows is a pretty intricate story that interweaves the miserable dystopian reality with that of a digital uptopia, as Richard starts to unraval a worldwide conspiracy that flirts with 'ubiquitous digitalism, surveillance and transhumanism.' 

As well as Rich, you'll also play as five other characters throughout the game, and one of your tasks involve using your deductive skills and various research to reconstruct the journalist's past.

Check out a trailer for State of Mind below.