The PC version of hit undead survival RPG State of Decay will launch before the end of the year and feature a host of improvements over the current XBLA version, Undead Labs has confirmed.

Enhanced graphics, an improved frame rate and support for higher resolutions are all promised for the upcoming PC version, which will launch initially as a controller-only title as part of Steam's Early Access program.

The final release will also include mouse and keyboard support.

Beyond the visual improvements, though, Undead Labs isn't planning to include any additional content in the PC version, although it is expected to ship with the fixes included in the XBLA version's latest title updates, including a new survival-based sandbox mode.

A price for the PC version has yet to be announced.

Chris has become quite the fan of State of Decay following its release on Xbox LIVE last month. Want to see him struggling to battle the undead? Head through to the VideoGamer YouTube to take a look.