Starfire goes supernova in her Injustice 2 gameplay trailer

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In a new gameplay trailer from Comic Con we get to see Injustice 2’s upcoming hero Starfire but the beatdown on the boys. This is the first real look at Starfire’s fighting style we’ve had, and she looks like a pretty fun character.

Starfire can float, fly, and has a selection of ranged attacks as well as some strong melee ones. In the trailer we see her throughly trouncing Robin, using her ultimate to fly into space and literally go supernova on him, as well as holding her own against Superman.

Part of the Fighter Pack 1 DLC, Starfire is expected to join the game in August, after the recently released Sub-Zero but before Red Hood. There are still at least six DLC characters to be officially announced for Injustice 2.

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