Starfield players are planning to build huge penis ships, because of course they are

Starfield players are planning to build huge penis ships, because of course they are
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Ever since last night’s Starfield Direct revealed that we’ll be able to create custom ships to pootle about in space in come the time of the Starfield release date, the community has focused in one thing in particular – who’ll be able to get their rocket up first?

Members of the Starfield subreddit have been pouring over the details on how flexible the upcoming RPG’s suite of customisation tools will be after a Power Rangers inspired mech creation was shown off in the trailer. However, as is human nature, talk has turned to the expectation of the sheer number of NSFW phallic-shaped creations when the game goes live, presuming Bethesda don’t give them the shaft. Talk about stiff competition.

“I bet that one of the first ships that will be made will be a dick shaped ship” says SB3forever1. That was countered by EQandCivfanfic, who retorted with “I intend to challenge this with a vagina shaped ship.” In fact, that seems to be the same plan as many – “80% of this sub’s posts on launch day will be giant penis ships” says Rubiego. In fact, (the perhaps un-aptly named) Seymour_asses makes the astute observation: “I never would have guessed that 2 of the biggest releases this year would allow you to build giant flying penises,” they say. Neither did we, but if it’s good enough for a running Austin Powers gag

There’s a serious sentiment behind all the space-junk talk, of course; with many of those in the community very impressed by the potential the ship building tools will offer them. “I didn’t imagine this system would be that flexible. I expected minor variations on the same bulky elongated ship like the Frotntier,” says MostlyWicked. It’s really helped the perception of the game too – as maskedwithaface attests “Only thing I expected to be complex was the customisation for your background and ship. Everything else made me go from lukewarm to Starfield to genuinely enthusiastic.”

There was plenty more to get excited about during the Starfield Direct preview, including a deep dive into the game’s overhauled combat system. Starfield is set to release on September 6, 2023 on Xbox Series X|S and PC, but if you’re considering making the first penis-shaped spaceship before those who get early access from September 1, we’ll leave you with a piece of advice from another well-known space-farer:

Don’t get cocky, kid.

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