Starfield DLSS integration would “have AMD’s full support,” claims AMD gaming chief

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Given Starfield is being bundled with AMD’s 7800 XT and 7700 XT graphics cards; many fans have been wondering if Bethesda will look to include Nvidia DLSS into the game. AMD’s gaming chief, Frank Azor, has recently commented on the situation, saying, “If they want to do DLSS, they have AMD’s full support.”

The Verge notes that in a conversation with Azor, a co-founder of Alienware, the question surrounding DLSS coming to Starfield was “the only thing he’s been cagey about all afternoon”. During his interview with The Verge, Azor said, “We want to be very careful not to put this answer onto our partners”.

Azor notes that when AMD pays publishers to bundle their games with their graphics cards, they expect them to prioritize AMD features like FSR. However, this doesn’t mean that they stop the publishers from supporting features developed by competitors. “If they ask us for DLSS support, we always tell them yes,” Azor says.

Azor also speculated that Bethesda’s decision to prioritize FSR might have been down to “console leverage”. Given FSR already runs on the AMD chips inside the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles, this prioritization might have been seen as a good way to tackle two fronts. Despite this, Azor reiterated, “If and when Bethesda wants to put DLSS into the game, they have our full support”.

Bethesda has not yet confirmed whether there are plans to introduce DLSS to Starfield when it launches on September 6, 2023. In other Starfield news, Starfield’s latest character bio is getting fans hyped for the game’s release, and Starfield only became “fun to play as late as last year,” explains Todd Howard in an interview. Equally, if you’re looking for a game of two to hold you over until Starfield’s full release, be sure to check out our ‘Games like Starfield‘ piece, which includes seven incredible and epic space RPGs.

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