LucasArts has announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will be released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in autumn 2005. This sequel will improve on the original in almost every way, offering improved multiplayer online play, a strong single-player campaign and space combat.

"The original was a huge success for LucasArts and we plan to build on that success to make Star Wars Battlefront II exceed what we did for the first game in every measurable way," said John Geoghegan, Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales. "For Star Wars Battlefront, we joined forces with our colleagues at Lucasfilm to launch the game day-and-date with the Classic trilogy on DVD. Star Wars Battlefront II's campaign will be even bigger, including promotions with major national partners, as well as unprecedented in-store support."

Missions and set pieces will be inspired from moments from all six movies (yes, including Episode 3) and players will be able to seamlessly move from on-foot to space combat. Each version of the game supports online play, with the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC versions offering 24, 32 and 64 players respectively.

While a true next-gen Battlefront title would have been great, this is sure to keep fans satisfied until the inevitable next-gen version appears