Star Wars Battlefront II’s single-player campaign will last somewhere between 5-7 hours, according to the game’s producer David Robillard.

In an interview with Press Start, Robillard said that, ‘We thought around 5-7, maybe 8 hours is probably a good amount of time…we wanted to stay very driven towards the Star Wars fantasy that the players are going to experience and not have it be drawn out.' 

Robillard also spoke about the possibility of single-player DLC, saying, ‘We’re not ready to announce anything at this time, we’ll see based on the reception the single player has, if we offer free DLC or not.’

When you compare this to the length of the campaigns in EA’s Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, Star Wars Battlefront II should be pretty similar. The meat of the experience will most likely be found in the online aspect of the game, but it’s nice to see Battlefront II’s single-player will be at least as long as other recent single-player campaigns.

As has been previously reported, Battlefront II won’t have a paid season pass, and EA has said that all the game’s additional characters, maps and modes will be made available for free. 

Alice recently had a hands-on with the game’s opening three chapters, and she noted that what she played was ‘fun in terms of how it actually plays. It's like being inside a Star Wars film.’

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