Square Enix has trademarked the title "Sleeping Dogs", adding fuel to speculation that a new Kane and Lynch game might be in the works.

A user over at NeoGAF named miladesn discovered this trademark application, submitted two weeks ago. Fans have seized this as evidence of Kane and Lynch 3, primarily due to the similarity to "Dog Days" - the subtitle of the last game.

While that might sound like clutching at straws, IO Interactive is currently hiring for an "unannounced AAA game project"; previous recruitment adverts also referred to an "unannounced AAA action title".

Despite mixed reviews, Kane and Lynch 2 sat at the top of the charts for a respectable length of time. IO already has Hitman: Absolution in the works (and let's not forget the other Hitman title we'll eventually be getting from Square Enix Montreal), so unless they're going for a new IP, it seems likely that the Danes might be returning to their psychotic duo.

Then again, there's nothing to confirm that Sleeping Dogs is an IO game at all...