Square Enix has hinted that it will reveal the future of the Final Fantasy XIII series on September 1. It's all part of the publisher's plans for a three-day Final Fantasy event in Shibuya starting August 31 to mark the series' 25th anniversary.

Chief amongst the events is a panel entitled "Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation" on September 1. Andriasang reports that Square Enix is promising to reveal details of the future of the FFXIII project, and that the game's producer, director and art director will be in attendance.

What could these proposed 'new developments' mean? Square Enix has registered a domain name for FFXIII-3, but has also said it did this simply as a precautionary measure. Final Fantasy XIII-2 ends with a "to be continued" screen, but Square Enix has said it's not releasing any more DLC for the title.

Square Enix originally unveiled FFXIII as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe alongside the long-dormant Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the only-out-in-Japan Final Fantasy Type-0 (originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII).

Might we hear more about Versus VIII at this panel?

The three-day event will also include a Final Fantasy XI musical presentation, more information about Final Fantasy XIV, and a live recording of Square Enix's Squeni Chan! Presents podcast.