Square Enix has posted several jobs for working on the Final Fantasy VII remake. The roles wanted include a battle planner, level planner, and designers for backgrounds and visual effects.

The Final Fantasy VII remake was first announced at E3 two years ago, with a teaser trailer. At the time Square Enix said it was in the very early stages of development. 

These job listings are confirmation that work is being done on the game, but also indicate that it's not close to release or in later stages of development. This chimes pretty well with the producer saying there's 'Still a ways to go,' a few months ago.

We still don't know that much about the Final Fantasy VII remake, but it's definitely coming to PS4 first. Other platform releases aren't confirmed or denied. It's also going to be episodic, and there's potential that, after the first episode, they could be released on the next console generation.

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