Insomniac Games has released an action-packed Spider-Man gameplay launch trailer for you to gawk at, despite the fact the web-slinging superhero title isn't out for another three weeks.

The footage offers a glimpse at some of the villains that Spidey will be going up against in the PlayStation 4-exclusive actioner, as well as highlighting some stylish mid-air traversal as the masked superhero effortlessly skims the skylines of New York City.

Spider-Man sees players stepping into the skin-tight suit of a more experienced Peter Parker, who at 23-years-old has managed to find a way to balance life as a superhero alongside his internship.

Naturally this is all going to be tested pretty soon, as Parker finds himself tackling a new threat in the shape of a nefarious group known as the Inner Demons. He'll also rub shoulders with the likes of Rhino, Mister Negative, Shocker, and Vulture, while Spidey staples such as Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales will also appear.

Spider-Man will be released on September 7 in the US and UK. Colm's played the game and reckons it'll be pretty much as good as you would expect.



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