Fans of Spider-Man 2 are already complaining about the game’s length

Fans of Spider-Man 2 are already complaining about the game’s length
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Despite not having launched yet, prospective fans of Spider-Man 2 are already worried about the game’s length.

Earlier on in September, Insomniac Games revealed that beating the game would take “about the same as the first game,” which is roughly 18 hours. This is for the base story, and completing the game 100% takes roughly double that.

When Spider-Man 2 eventually releases in a few weeks time, it looks as though there’s going to be a fair few complaints about how long it actually takes to beat a game that fans have waited five years for. Already, there are rumours that seem to undercut Insomniac Games’ estimation, with users on this Reddit thread under the impression that the game will take 15-20 hours to complete with only 30 hours to Platinum. These rumours seem to circulate from ChrisGaming95 who had posted a screenshot of the game’s final trophy – before deleting it due to “too much attention.” It’s not known whether or not this time-frame is accurate, however the community sentiment is what we’re really interested in.

With the first game releasing in 2018, the series has seen a remaster and an original Miles Morales side-story. However, the fans clearly have their hearts set out on enjoying the official sequel which is set for a launch towards the end of this October. Passions for the game are understandably running a little wild, with complaints that the 30-ish hours required to finish the game labelling it as underwhelming. You might see some similarities in the ‘crying‘ fans to that of J Jonah Jameson’s spidey-hating critique.

That’s not to say that there’s been a contingent of gamers out there with a bit more of a level-head, instead arguing that the time-frame is more than enough to enjoy the game fully.

With our original Spider-Man PS4 review garnishing the game with an 8/10 score, and the community lauding the game for being “pretty satisfying in terms of length,” the franchise’s soaring popularity speaks for itself.

There’s a part of the community that’s torn by the two sentiments here. One side of fans have so much passion and adoration for the game that they’re not willing to accept the bare minimum in terms of content, while the other side are more than happy to sacrifice a few hours of gameplay to ensure that every moment is as tight and polished as possible.

When the game does eventually launch, it seems as though the the web is going to be split – with both sides likely slinging praise and criticism for the game’s length and depth. It seems as though the issue has raised an important discussion within the community. Does length always equate to quality? With Baldur’s Gate 3’s launch earlier this year, players were almost spoiled for choice with a game that would take epochs to get bored of. This touched on a similar sentiment of establishing unfair expectations for game developers to create games with hundreds of hours of playtime. Could any criticism of the web-slinging sequel be impacted by this?

I, for one, have no qualms with a slightly shorter game that favours stellar gameplay over lengthy content.