Disney Interactive Studios has announced the autumn 2009 release of Spectrobes: Origins, the next instalment in the million-selling adventure franchise.

Spectrobes: Origins brings the successful series to the Wii with a new story that reveals secrets from the past through flashbacks of significant events. Players will be tasked with exploring vast worlds, excavating three-dimensional fossils and discovering the key to preventing a galactic threat.

"The popularity and creativity of the Wii platform make it the perfect stage for this exciting evolution of the Spectrobes franchise," said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. "Spectrobes: Origins delivers the immersive storytelling, dynamic action and memorable characters that audiences have come to expect of Disney entertainment."

Spectrobes was the first original franchise created by Disney Interactive Studios and the two previously released DS games, Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, have shipped over 1.6 million units worldwide.

"Spectrobes: Origins takes players to an incredible distant universe for an engaging storyline and innovative gameplay that will entertain them for hours," said Kentaro Hisai, producer, Disney Interactive Studios Japan. "We're expanding the legacy for high quality entertainment that we built with the first two Spectrobes games."

Spectrobes: Origins will be released only on Wii this autumn.