Third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line hits stores on June 29. We chatted to Shawn Frison, Senior Designer at Yager to get the inside word on the game's multiplayer game modes.

What multiplayer game modes can players expect to find in Spec Ops The Line?

When creating our modes and maps, we wanted to really go with a more intimate, personal feel. We limit our team sizes to 4v4 and keep the map sizes relatively small so that you get to know the people you're fighting with and against. It gives it a more human feel, which also really makes things feel that much more brutal.

Additionally, we really wanted to push our sand gameplay. In single player, we couldn't have dynamic/randomly occurring sandstorms without wreaking havoc with our storyline, but it fits in perfectly here. All of the other mechanics are also in place here, and used even more frequently. And sometimes they'll come with a few surprises - for instance, a sand avalanche isn't just good for killing your enemies, but it might also reveal a hidden weapon.

To that end, we got in the following modes:

Chaos: Every man for himself. Players can choose loadouts from either faction.

Mutiny: Team deathmatch.

Rally Point: A location must be controlled to gain points over time. This location is common to both teams, and automatically moves to a new spot every ~30 seconds.

Buried: Each team attempts to destroy the other's base by destroying key Vital Points in the structure. At the end, you end up wiping out their base by burying it in mountains of sand.

And a couple more modes that will be revealed shortly.

Additionally, players can customize some variables in private games, and there are also both normal and hardcore (lower health, limited HUD) variations of each mode.

Can you explain the factions and what they mean to players?

We have two unique factions in our multiplayer: the Exiles and the Damned. The Damned are members of the 33rd (known as the "Damned" 33rd) who have stayed loyal to Konrad. The Exiles are a splinter group who have rebelled against Konrad, believing that his way of imposing order on Dubai is too harsh. Keep an eye out in the single player game - you get a taste of how Konrad dealt with these traitors after the civil war was over.

In gameplay terms, each faction has a unique class available (in addition to the common classes) and several special bonuses that provide a different gameplay feel.

How does the class system work and what differences do they create to play style?

Players on each team have four classes to choose from, plus one class unique to their faction (six total). Each of these classes is unique and has a dramatic impact on playstyle. For example, you have the Officer, who can inspire the men around him or call in ammo drops. Or there's the Sniper, who uses a high-tech camouflage weave to blend almost perfectly into the environment when standing still. Each one is really different, and when you combine the class system with your perk, weapon, and armor selections, you can really craft some unique characters.

Additionally, to incentivize teamwork and good team composition, each class has a team-wide bonus that does not stack. What this means is that, for instance, I get a damage bonus if I have a Gunner on my team... but I don't get any additional bonus if I have more than one. Players that want to be as effective as possible will want to have a well-rounded team to get multiple bonuses.

How does the perk system work? Can you give a few examples.

Players have three perk slots, and can put any perk in any slot without restriction. Each perk grants a unique bonus, and when taken together than provide a substantial advantage.

Clever players will try to pick perks that have a certain amount of synergy together. For instance, a player might want to put together a brute force build where he takes Always Prepared to carry two primary weapons, Blood Thirst to grant additional damage on consecutive kills, and Tactician to slow down enemies with each shot. Or he might want to go with something a little sneakier: Hunter to make it so he doesn't show up accurately on the radar, Covert to prevent enemy crosshairs from turning red when you're targeted, and Adapted to make you more effective in sandstorms. There are a ton of possibilities.

Can players expect new multiplayer content post release?

Sorry, but I can't talk about any post-release plans just yet.