Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed has revealed that a large chunk of Sony's first-party development studios are now shifting focus to the PlayStation 5.

Writing in a post on ResetEra (via Gear Nuke), Ahmed said that the PS4 still has a solid year ahead of it, with Sony still yet to announce a bunch of games based on existing IP. PS5 development kits are out in the wild, too, although he said it's still 'early' to talk about next-generation consoles.

'PS5 dev kits are out there and I’ve heard positive things about it. But I wouldn’t expect any information in the immediate future. 2019 will be another solid year for the platform due to the large install base, growing network sales, strong third party software, first party software and back catalog. Lineup for the first half of the year is set but second half is still in flux.' 

'Sony also has a couple of unannounced games (already existing IP) with PS4 in mind but I’m conscious that there have been discussions around making them cross gen/next gen titles. In general, most of the focus for Sony 1P is on PS5 right now. It is still early to talk about next gen but I imagine we’ll hear some whispers come out of GDC.'

Chatter on next-gen systems is inevitable at this point. The PS4 and Xbox One are over five-years-old now, and we already know that Microsoft is busy beavering away on fresh hardware. 

In fact, rumours have suggested that two models are in the works, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart.

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