According to a report on Windows Central, Microsoft's next-generation Xbox consoles are codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart.

Anaconda is reportedly the next-gen equivalent of the Xbox One X, in the sense it'll be a more powerful, expensive version of Microsoft's new machine. Lockhart meanwhile is the more affordable iteration of the new hardware.

The rumours follow reports that the new Xbox family would be codenamed Scarlet, and would ship in two variations: a regular telly box and a cloud-based version.

In terms of horsepower, Anaconda is set to deliver a 'cutting-edge console gaming experience' while Lockhart is said to pack a bit more punch than the Xbox One X, which itself is no slouch.

Microsoft is keeping details close to its chest right now, although it is expected the new consoles will be in stores by late 2020. The format holder is also reportedly working on a download-only version of the Xbox One for release next year.

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