Sony has shrugged off Xbox One's seven day head start over PlayStation 4 in the UK as a "moot point", stating that the time difference doesn't give either console "an advantage of disadvantage".

"Well, would you rather have seven days or sixteen months?" said Sony UK MD Fergal Gara, discussing the two launch dates with CVG. "I think it's a moot point really, we're effectively launching at the same time. I don't think seven days is going to have an advantage or disadvantage."

PlayStation 4 is due to launch in the UK on November 29 - seven days after Xbox One hits shelves. In the US, however, PS4 has the advantage, hitting stores seven days before Microsoft's console on November 15.

Pre-orders for PlayStation 4 appear to be noticeably higher than Xbox One, however, with over a million pre-orders placed for PS4 prior to September.

In the same interview, Gara confirmed that all existing pre-orders for PS4 placed in the UK - including those placed after the August 5 launch day cut-off - will be fulfilled in time for Christmas.