Sony to continue taking Nintendo-themed content out of Dreams

Sony to continue taking Nintendo-themed content out of Dreams
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Sony will be continuing to delete content that is inspired by Nintendo properties from its create ‘em up software sandbox, Dreams (via

Earlier this week, creator Piece of Craft found an email from Sony in their inbox, stating that their Super Mario model contained “copyrighted material” and had been removed from Dreams. Disheartened but not dejected, the creator said that Mario-themed projects would be “on hold” until they worked out their “back up plan.” Nevertheless, Sony has confirmed that it is enacting a wider takedown of Nintendo-themed content from the game.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment is notifying the affected users that an IP Infringement Notice has been received from Nintendo and that the content will be removed,” read the statement supplied. “We cannot comment on the volume of content to be removed, this is done on an individual case by case basis.” 

Nintendo is notoriously protective over its products and trademarks, and has responded with legal proceedings in the past. Last year, the company filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against website RomUniverse for “brazen and mass scale infringement,” and most recently, it shut down a Kickstarter that made “unauthorized use of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing characters and images, all in violation of Nintendo’s rights.”

Dreams is out now for PlayStation 4.