Sony's new handheld will retail at a price with mass market success in mind, with the platform holder vowing to keep the portable affordable. An exact RRP is expected to be announced at Sony's E3 conference set for 1am BST on Tuesday.

Analysts have speculated that the NGP could retail at around the £200, although due to the machine's high specs, industry insiders have suggested that a final total could well surpass that figure.

However, in a recent interview with Kotaku, SCE Worldwide boss Shuhie Yoshida iterated that the final RRP would allow consumers to get their hands on the portable without breaking the bank.

"I feel comfortably that we are going to be hitting [the right price]," said Yoshida.

"We definitely consider this to be the price that it has to be for people to even consider purchasing it. At the end of the day gaming portable devices may not be something people feel like they need."

Sony will have taken note of Nintendo's slow 3DS sales, and will be keen to avoid a similar consumer reaction to its new hardware.


If the appetite for gaming portables is indeed diminishing (as the lull in 3DS sales might suggest), then Sony will certainly have to deliver on its promise of a reasonable retail price for the NGP.