Ken Kutaragi has announced that the PSP has shifted 800,000 units in Japan since its launch in December 2004. He also confirmed a commitment to launch the console in North America and Europe by the end of March 2005.

Sony umd consoles handheld

Production of the console will increase by 100,000 units a month in April (to 1 million per month), which should help keep up with demand, but with two launches in the same month, a repeat of the Japanese shortages could well be repeated.

By summer 2005 Sony hope to be producing 2 million units per month, with 3 million being the target by Christmas 2005. Kutaragi commented that sales had been low, but this was down to available units rather than demand.

Adding to speculation about the PSP's future add-ons, Kutaragi also confirmed that they are planning to add mobile phone technology to the PSP, and he confirmed that a web browser is on the way.

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