Speaking to Gamasutra, Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said people who think talk of a ten-year product lifecycle for the PS3 is merely spin are wrong. Sony's very serious.

"I hope that people know by now that we are serious when we talk about 10-year product lifecycles. I don't know; maybe sometimes guys in your business think that it's spin. If it were spin, you wouldn't have PS1 and PS2 doing it; we're the only company that's ever done it," said Dille.

He continued: "So when we say we take a long-term view, we firmly believe that the PS3 will not only be around in 10 years but it'll be driving the business - driving this industry. I don't know if our competitors' platforms will still be viable in 10 years; I do know that the PlayStation 3 will be."

Dille also noted that while the PS3's overall installed based is lower than the Xbox 360's, Sony's console is tracking better than Microsoft's.

"... we're off to a strong start, I think; you can look at our PS3 sales versus the 360 after two years, and I think in that measure we're ahead of them," claimed Dille.

"... we look at our performance last year with PS3 sales up 40 percent, and we're happy with that - and yet we're accustomed to being the leader in the business, so we're not happy enough," he added. "We have our sights set on bigger victories ahead and believe that we've got the plan to make that happen."