Heavy Rain-like games could be an area of "huge potential growth" for Sony, according to two of the company's most senior executives.

"I think with Heavy Rain we really did create a different type of experience, and something that even non-gamers - members of my family who don't play games - really got immersed in," said John Rostron, senior director of SCE XDev Studio Europe, speaking at today's Develop Liverpool conference.

"Yes, mobile and all those sorts of things will be around for a long time. But I also think there's a huge potential growth in that area as well, where you do have this sort of crossover [between games and films]. At last you can really see that happening with future consoles. I think it's a really interesting time for us."

Rostron's comments were further echoed by Michael Denny, senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

"I agree with John, I think that's going to be a massive area for us - to keep pushing forward with performance capture, crossing the uncanny valley, as it were," he said.

"I think there's so much potential for those sorts of games. Our companies are trying to get emotion into gaming as well, to take us forward."

Heavy Rain creator David Cage is working on two unannounced projects in the same "genre" as his crime drama, though expect different subject matter.