Sony bend to consumer pressure

Ian Clements Updated on by

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Ah, there is nothing more satisfying than the schaedenfraude of when a corporate big-wig fires his mouth off at consumer criticism, then a short time later it is made evident that others in the company do not agree. For prime examples of this see the militant ex-boss of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi, forever making brazen, shocking, and often not supporting announcements much to the chagrin of his collegues.

For a more recent example, however, see SCE boss Ken Kutaragi, who last month insisted that the defective square buttons reported in some PSPs ‘wasn’t a mistake and was according to specifications’. The problem, reported on a small number of PSPs, involves the square button suffering a loss of responsiveness and, in some cases, not clicking back up fully after being pressed.

It seems that Sony’s insistence on that lush, huge LCD screen meant that there was less room for the other controls, and so the square buttons suffers in it’s proximity to the screen, at least this is what has been speculated. PSP owners suffering from the problem are encouraged to visit Sony’s Japanese website for details on how to have their handheld repaired, while Sony has stated that due a change in manufacturing processes none of the PSP’s shipped since the beginning of the year suffer from this problem.