Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V is getting a major new update on June 25, which includes the addition of the new Fighting Chance system. That's basically loot boxes, in case you wondered. 

These aren't just any loot boxes, though. You have to get your fortune read by Manet using the new Fantasy Fortune Reading, with the result taking the form of a loot box packaged with various Street Fighter-related goodies.

You have to spend 500 Fight Money to take advantage of Fighting Chance, as it's known, with some items being exclusive to this mode. Among the goodies up for grabs include Battle Goods, which give you a better chance of making it through the Survival Mode.

Other items include colours, Street Fighter art spanning the entire series, and rare costumes that are only available via Fantasy Fortune Readings. Yeah, needless to says that last one hasn't exactly gone down well with fans.

Still, before you get your pitchforks out, it's worth pointing out that all the items obtained in loot boxes are either limited to Survival Mode or purely cosmetic. In other words, you can't get anything to boost your chances in the competitive multiplayer scene, and you need to actually play the game to earn Fight Money, as it can't be bought with real-life cash.

In case you missed it, Street Fighter V will be getting a bunch of new costumes based on Devil May Cry later this month.

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