Skull & Bones leaked footage reveals new gameplay details of the nautical adventure

Skull & Bones leaked footage reveals new gameplay details of the nautical adventure
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It seems footage from a Skull & Bones technical test has leaked new details on Ubisoft’s long-in-development pirate adventure.

The footage included four minutes from a technical test build, with a tutorial explaining the basics. Starting as a lowly pirate, you’ll start in the Pirate Den of Saint Anne. This will act as a hub of sorts, where you craft new ships, provisions, pick up contracts and socialise with other pirates.

Your experience as a pirate will be measured in Infamy. You’ll be able to boost this by taking on the aforementioned contracts, which send you out into the open seas. Some of these can be shared with up to three other players. Contracts aren’t the only way to earn infamy though, as you’ll also earn it through exploration, treasure hunts or good old fashioned plundering.

You’ll have to keep an eye on provisions, of course, as well as the state of your ship. That even extends to your crew, with their morale being important to the smooth sailing of a mission. Of course, there’s also a bunch of customisation options, both for you and your ship. Speaking of those ships, expect several kinds of ships, with each playing differently.

Ubisoft would later confirm the footage with a Tweet on the game’s official account. While it didn’t offer any more information, it told wannabe pirates to keep their eyes on the horizon. We expect then, that they’ll be dropping more information on the game officially very soon.

Skull & Bones has been in development for quite some time. It’s currently expected for a 2022-2023 release, so hopefully we’ll get that narrowed down soon. We’ll let you know when we hear anything more.