Sherlock Holmes Chapter One gets Beyond A Joke DLC from today

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One gets Beyond A Joke DLC from today
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Detective adventure Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has got its first DLC today in the form of the Beyond A Joke chapter.

The new chapter lasts about an hour. It sees Sherlock going up against a master thief targeting Cordono’s elite and powerful. And in doing so, he leaves behind mocking riddles and jokes. It’ll be up to you to stop the thief in their tracks and decide what to do with them. You can start the new DLC by eavesdropping while hanging around the Grand Saray. Be sure you’ve completed the ‘A Gilded Cage’ quest first, however.

You can pick up the Beyond A Joke DLC from today at 6pm UK time if you have the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Season Pass or the game’s Deluxe Edition. Otherwise, you can buy it separately with the pack also including a pair of cosmetic costumes for Sherlock himself.

There’ll be two more story DLC missions, which are both set for a 2022 release. One of them will be centred around Sherlock’s brother Mycroft. Meanwhile, the other will feature a mysterious figure known only as M.

The Beyond A Joke DLC is available in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One from today. Earlier this month, developer Frogwares confirmed that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will arrive in Q1 2022.