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Sekiro Boss Rush mod cuts the chase out of boss fights

Sekiro Boss Rush mod cuts the chase out of boss fights
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From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was lauded for its sumptuous surroundings, rewarding combat, and brilliant boss fights. Imagine reliving the epic moment  you landed that brutal final blow on Lady Butterfly? As PCGamer reports, modder Thefifthmatt has you sorted; he’s developed a Boss Rush mode that allows players to revisit their favourite boss battles any time they like. 

At the Dilapidated Temple, the Sculptor’s Idol now unfurls the daunting list of Sekiro bosses. Once selected, the player will warp instantly to that boss, cutting out the cutscenes and slow walk areas, so be sure you’re ready. The new Idol replaces all NPCs to streamline the experience, so all items, upgrades, stat boosts and trading is controlled by this hub. 

If victorious, the boss drops 1000 sen, experience points and their memory. Defeating bosses also unlocks shop items on the Idol, and if you beat a boss charmless with the Bell Demon the player wins 500 sen. This was no small task; the mod boasts over 2000 new lines of in-game scripting, 1000 parameter edits, and 200 map changes. It adds a new challenge to the notoriously difficult game, and someone has already flexed their shinobi skills by completing the entire roster without a scratch on them.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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March 22, 2019