An Aliens pulse rifle has been sent to Official PlayStation Magazine Australia, presumably to build up hype ahead of E3 next week. The magazine has posted pics of the gun on its Facebook page. The case even included foam ammo for the gun.

SEGA is yet to announce what it's showing at E3 next week, but an Aliens game of some sort is a dead certainty. Our money is on Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines making an appearance and the outed handheld game Aliens: Infestation showing up in some form.

SEGA is definitely trying to build up anticipation for Aliens titles at E3. While not confirmed to be from SEGA, last week received a burnt doll's head in the post, with the name Rebecca scrawled on the back. Rebecca is the real name of Newt, the little girl Ripley finds in Aliens. We await delivery of our pulse rifle.