Rare has unveiled the latest monthly update for Sea of Thieves—titled Ships of Fortune—and it brings the new Emissary role to the maritime multiplayer adventure (via Gematsu).

Emissaries work for one of the Outpost Trading Companies: Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls and Athena’s Fortune. Players will now be able to become a representative for their favourite trading company, but it won’t come cheap. After a donation, Emissaries “advance through five Grades by exemplifying your chosen Company” and “the higher your Grade, the bigger the multiplier you’ll get when cashing in your haul!” However, flying the Emissary flag is like broadcasting “Hello there, pirates! I have lots and lots of goodies on board this wee boat!” loud and clear for the whole ocean to hear. Players will have to get their hands dirty if they’re to deliver all of their haul on time. 

There is also a new Trading Company, The Reaper’s Bones. They seem to see the world in black and white, and “encourage their ideals of ‘true piracy’ without the need for honour among thieves.” The Arena has been altered: treasure maps are out and a single chest marked with a Sea Dog Beacon is in. Additionally, players will get a brief window with which to revive fallen teammates, if the fate befalls them in the Adventure mode or the Arena mode.

To conclude, Ships of Fortune will add three breeds of cat to the Pirate Emporium. The scruffy Wildcat, fluffy Ragamuffin, and slinky Mau come in a range of colourations, too, and costumes will be on offer to dress up the patient pet. The Ships of Fortune update will arrive on April 22.

Sea of Thieves is out now for PC and Xbox One. Watch the Ships of Fortune preview below.


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