Got Sea of Thieves? Fancy bringing along a few mates for the ride, free of charge? Then Microsoft's got you covered.

All this week, the Rare-developed pirating adventure will allow you to invite up to three buddies to join you on Sea of Thieves without spending a penny. The promo has just kicked off (it went live at 2.00pm GMT), and wraps on on February 13.

All you need is to have played Sea of Thieves, either by owning it or using the current Xbox Game Pass subscription. If that's you, then head here. Furthermore, if you hit up Duke in the tavern, you can access a limited-time Mercenary Voyage. 

If you finish this, you'll be 'handsomely rewarded' and can also get your pirate paws on some fresh cosmetic items. 

'Offering an essential mix of quintessential Sea of Thieves activities, these special voyages will take you and your friends on an epic quest to find the treasure of the notorious Rum Runner,' reads the post.

Sea of Thieves launched on Xbox One back in March last year, although it wasn't quite ship shape at the time. Still, it's received some solid updates since then, so you're in a much better position if you're diving in right now.

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