Rare has dropped anchor on Sea of Thieves' latest event, The Sunken Curse, which tasks players with hunting down a bunch of dastardly-looking mermaid statues in the shallows.

These cursed statues are easy to spot, as they emanate an ancient magic; in other words, they glow red. For the challenge, the Bilge Rats are tasking swashbuckling adventurers to destroy all statues they come across, although as all of them regenerate health they'll require a bit of teamwork. No more than four players are required to destroy each statue though, Rare says.

Outside of this challenge, pirates can hoover up new goodies from the ocean floor including artefacts, skulls, and treasure chests. Fresh clobber is also available in the shape of The Wailing Barnacle Cosmetics, which are limited-time gear that can be purchased with Bilge Rat Doubloons.

Elsewhere, players can earn three unique Bilge Rat Titles that can be equipped straight out of vanity chests, while a new Bilge Rat-themed flag is up for grabs too. 

Rare has also been busy tinkering with Sea of Thieves from a technical standpoint, so there's a bunch of key bug fixes thrown into the mix too. Check out the full patch notes here.

Looking ahead, Sea of Thieves will receive a bunch of fresh DLC later this year, including September's Forsaken Shores.

Sea of Thieves was released back in March for PC and Xbox One, although we weren't too blown away by the plunder-'em-up at launch despite having high hopes for Rare's latest outing.

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