Ryse: Son of Rome add-on 'Duel of Fates' is now available to download, Microsoft has announced.

The third DLC pack features arena mode maps Invictus and Barbarous, and survival map Island. You'll also receive two new gladiator skins, Glott the barbarian chief, and Marius Titus.

The Servile Wars, a series of slave uprisings, inspired the creation of the Invictus map, whilst Barbarous relates to the numerous barbarian invasions that helped spur the fall of the Roman Empire.

The arena mode maps task gladiators with seizing and holding special landmarks such as the God Tree, lighting wicker men on fire, defending Emperor Nero from harm, and avoiding numerous firetraps and arrow jets. There are also new underground areas which link certain stages together.

In the new Island map players must fight off an endless series of combatants, pulling off executions to ensure the restoration of their health. Not only is the combat space limited, but the unassailable hwacha rain arrows down on the battlefield.

Duel of Fates is available individually or as part of the game's Season Pass.

Source: Xbox Wire