by on Sep 28, 2020

Rumoured Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reportedly delayed until early 2021

The long rumoured —but yet to be confirmed by EA or Bioware— Mass Effect trilogy remaster appears to have hit a stumbling block, if a new report emerging over the weekend is to be believed.

According to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb (who was also responsible for the original reports on the project back in August), the remasters —which are apparently now being called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition — is yet to be announced as it's suffering a delay due to the first game reportedly not living up to "the quality of the rest of package" according to sources who are said to be familiar with the development.

The package was said to originally be launching in October of this year, but Bioware and EA are alledgedly going to take it back to spend a little more time on polishing up the first game, meaning it now won't see the light of day until early 2021. The good news is, apparently the collection will include all the single-player DLC released for each game, although Mass Effect 3's divisive multiplayer mode will not make the cut.

All of this and, indeed, the existence of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is still to be confirmed by EA or Bioware at all, so take this news with a pinch of salt. However a listing for the collection was spotted on a Portugese retailer a couple of weeks ago. Should we hear anything official, we'll let you know. 


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