Rumored Call of Duty 2024 pre-order bonus offers early access to best mode

Rumored Call of Duty 2024 pre-order bonus offers early access to best mode
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Call of Duty 2024 hasn’t been revealed yet, but the announcement is coming soon. Seeing as the game hasn’t been shown off, very little is officially known, but there is a boatload of leaks and rumors. One of these rumors suggests that the Call of Duty 2024 Black Ops Gulf War pre-order bonus will provide early access to the series’ best and most anticipated mode.

Again, there are no official details about Black Ops Gulf War as of writing, but there are leaks and rumors aplenty. Fans are divided over the rumored return of a specific character, meanwhile, fans are generally pleased with the over 100 leaked guns, killstreaks, and perks. There is also the exciting rumor that suggests a classic Black Ops map will be remastered again as is traditional of the Black Ops series.

In addition to leaks about the game, there are also leaked details about the game’s reveal. It will reportedly be shown off at the Xbox June summer showcase which may also be when we get a release date and are able to pre-order. There should be multiple editions to buy, and one of the pre-order bonuses could be weeks of early access to the best mode, zombies.

Rumored Call of Duty 2024 Black Ops Gulf War pre-order bonus

One of the rumored Call of Duty 2024, Black Ops Gulf War, pre-order bonuses is early access to zombies. As screenshotted by CharlieIntel on Twitter, WindowsCentral previously reported that ‘Activision is exploring a large pre-order early access bonus for Call of Duty Black Ops “6,” with several days for the base game, and maybe even weeks for access to the zombie mode’.

Since the original report screenshotted by CharlieIntel, WindowsCentral report has been amened to ‘other modes’ instead of specifically zombies. It’s unclear why this amendment has been made, but early access to zombies would be fantastic if true. Killing the living dead has been disappointing in recent years, but leaks suggest zombies will be great this year especially for fans disappointed by MW3.

Although not official, early access pre-order bonuses are to be expected. Judging by the series’ past, pre-ordering the game should get you access to the closed multiplayer beta before the free open betas. The release window for the Black Ops Gulf War multiplayer beta may have already leaked.

In addition, fans would also be justified in expecting early access to the campaign. This is because Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 both offered up to seven days early access to the story mode.

While Black Ops Gulf War will presumably cost the standard AAA price with different editions to buy, there is also the possibility that it will be free for millions of gamers from day one by joining Xbox Game Pass. If it does join Game Pass from day one, then there will presumably be bundles available for subscribers to buy such as MLB early access.

There is no leaked release date for Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War, but it’s slated to arrive in the fall for either October or November. No platforms have been specified either, but it will still be coming to PlayStation following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision and Blizzard. Coming to PlayStation is great, but fans are disappointed over rumors it will still support last-gen consoles.

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