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Best cheap gaming laptop deals (Best Buy, Lenovo, Amazon)

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December means Christmas, and often the end of the year brings out the best cheap gaming laptop deals too.

Following on from Black Friday, we’ve seen the best deals on cheap gaming laptops from retailers Best Buy and Amazon, and from brands such as Lenovo. The knock-on effects of last year’s supply chain disaster has led retailers to go extra hard this year with deals and discount campaigns – and the consumers will benefit the most from this.

As retailers Amazon and Best Buy look to offload their older stock, their sites have slowly been filled with a barrage of deals and discounts that can often be hard to navigate.

With that in mind, we’re going to be looking for only the best cheap and budget gaming laptop deals for you this year – this includes the best AMD gaming laptop deals, best Lenovo gaming laptop deals, the best gaming laptops under $1000, and best RTX 30-series gaming laptop deals.

Best cheap gaming laptop deals

We’ve had a look online for the best deals on cheap gaming laptops in December, with the last minute deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday trickling in.


We’ve selected laptops ranging in price, from budget and cheap laptops to those teetering on the edge of mid-range. When you’re looking for the best cheap gaming laptops, you’re expecting to grab at least a decent mobile graphics card inside, alongside a decent Intel or Ryzen CPU, topped off with a capable SSD and enough RAM.

How to find the best cheap gaming laptop deal?

The best cheap gaming laptop deals aren’t easy to find, though if you’re savvy and head to the right sources – you’ll have a pretty good shot at grabbing one.

We recommend having a look at Lenovo, Amazon, and Best Buy for the best cheap gaming laptop deals.

Who makes the best budget gaming laptops?

If you’re looking to narrow down on the best cheap or budget gaming laptops – there’s a few manufacturers we know who deliver on quality machines.

Lenovo have staked a strong claim for themselves as a key player in the laptop game – and their machines have been known to stand the test of time.

Our personal favourites from Lenovo are their Legion range, which sees new renditions and generations often. This strongly benefits the consumer looking for cheap or budget gaming laptops as their newer machines often push the price of older models down.

Here’s our selection of the best budget gaming laptops from Lenovo:

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Can you get cheap gaming laptop deals for Christmas?

With the holiday sales season now out of the way, we’re looking forward to what deals are brought on at Christmas. With this in mind, there’s hopefully going to be some great cheap gaming laptop deals this Christmas with the last minute deals out of the way now.