We kind of already knew this was on its way, since PC Zone revealed the game back at the beginning of April, but SEGA has now officially announced the expansion. Rome: Total War - Alexander is due in June, and will be made available exclusively via digital download, in what we assume to be a service similar to Steam or EA's Downloader service.

The expansion is said to feature more than 30 hours of gameplay, an all-new campaign map, new factions including the Macedonians and Persians, plus a range of more than 60 new units. Six new historical battles will also be included, with Alexander's triumphs over the Greek, Persian, and Indian forces being featured. These battles will be available in single-player and also multiplayer over LAN or internet play. The player will have to unlock each battle sequentially, actively reflecting the conditions Alexander endured.

"The next challenge for Rome: Total War fans has arrived," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The impressive detail and craftsmanship with which The Creative Assembly has designed Rome: Total War - Alexander is guaranteed to transport players back in time to ancient battlefields to experience some of the most epic battles in human history."

The game's battles will be accompanied by seven "high-quality" movies, featuring the voice talent of Brian Blessed, aiding the story progression and historical information. Rome: Total War - Alexander is scheduled for release in June.